Allie's Dream, Inc.
Hands On Learning, Social Interaction, Community Integration and Practical Supports
                 Allie's Dream, Inc. 


Allie's Dream, Inc.'s mission is to foster independence, respect and dignity for young adults with disabilities. We focus on
ability instead of disability. We work hard to create a nurturing and inspiring atmosphere that we believe enables each client to
 build self confidence through friendships and the opportunity to flourish in their communities.  
We address each client's unique cognitive, artistic, therapeutic,
social, recreational, and vocational needs by  reinforcing his or
her strengths, interests and abilities. 

We help guide future decision making so that clients can make satisfactory progress through high quality learning experiences based on valid assessments, the individual's abilities, and realistic goals.  We encourage pursuit of personal interests, thereby providing greater opportunities for personal success and creative expression. 

We believe young adults with special needs in the appropriate environment should be challenged to realize their full potential. Our program focuses on self empowerment and consists of a tapestry of experiences, including hands on learning, exercises, social interactions, community integration and practical supports. 
The needs and dreams of our young adults will be carefully respected, safeguarded, and promoted through intensive evaluation, collaboration and monitoring.

Our program is about project based learning with differentiated and individualized instruction and practical experiences in small group settings. 
Allie's Dream, Inc. offers a curriculum in academic and theme based learning, educational day field trips, functional living and community life skills, vocational experiences, health education, and a wide variety of sensory experiences such as music, dance, theater, art, aromatherapy, and yoga.
Different and appropriate learning styles are provided, according to needs. 
High level personal care for each client is provided.