Allie's Dream, Inc.
Hands On Learning, Social Interaction, Community Integration and Practical Supports
                 Allie's Dream, Inc. 

All of the necessary adaptive supports and services provided by an expert team during school years completely end at graduation at 21 years old.
All integrated therapies such as physical, occupational, and speech as well as equipment evaluations end at graduation at 21 years old.
All eligible individuals must negotiate their own budgets for adult day programs with agencies.
All individuals must negotiate for each aspect of their adult day program: transportation, number of hours of assistance per day, degree of staff assistance, and even the content of the program. 
Individuals with special needs graduating at 21 years typically have a normal life expectancy.
Individuals face future years without any of the supports and services we provided to them as entitlements during their first 21 years. 
What can we do as a community to maintain their quality of life, maintain their physical and cognitive achievements to sustain health, and integrate them as members of our community? 
At Allie's Dream, Inc. we recognize all of these issues and we have done something about them.  
We Are Caring Parents Just Like You...
Allie's Dream was founded by parents who believe that more must be done to provide challenges and necessary fulfillment to young adults with disabilities upon their graduation from public school at age 21.  
 Allie's Dream, Inc. founders have a vision for what a day program should be and they are making it a reality with Allie's Dream, Inc.